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Whether you are taking your first steps to grow as a business or you are an established company with multiple employees, a properly structured payroll scheme is key to ensure your London business is tax efficient and your workforce is paid on time. Our dedicated payroll manager has extensive expertise and will manage the entire process for you to ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time. When you work with us, you’ll receive the highest standard payroll services in London.

Experienced payroll service providers for London business owners

Our payroll services take care of all the complicated aspects of implementing and maintaining a payroll, providing you with complete peace of mind and allowing you to focus on running your business.

We can manage the early stages of administering payroll for your business, such as registering with HMRC and getting each employee set up on the new scheme.

We will provide you with regular updates on your payroll via reports, detailing staff costs and any updates or changes to payroll that you need to be aware of.

We take the necessary steps to manage payroll, whether this involves setting up a new member of staff, removing staff and providing P45’s, or distributing holiday pay, bonuses, and commission.

We can also use all our expertise and experience to provide you with advice on streamlining your payroll, offering employee incentives or bonuses, and becoming more tax efficient.

Payroll services for small businesses in London

As a small business, you may have a minimal workforce. However, as your business starts to grow, it will become more important for you to implement a payroll scheme to ensure the payment of employees in a timely and tax-efficient manner. We can offer you a payroll solution that provides all the support you need as you take on more employees and it becomes more complex to manage holidays, bonuses, and sick pay. With our accountancy expertise applied to your payroll, you could streamline your costs effectively and grow your business successfully. This gives us the edge over other payroll companies.

See how our payroll services in London can help you

If you’d like to find out more about our payroll services and see how we could administer a payroll scheme for your London business, call us on 020 8850 0700 or email You can also fill in our contact form to arrange a free consultation where we can discuss the implementation of a payroll scheme for your business.

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Take advantage of our related payroll services

CIS returns
If your business operates in the construction industry, our payroll expertise covers the complex area of CIS returns and we can provide support and advice to both contractors and subcontractors on CIS payments.

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We can provide a helping hand in setting up a workplace pension scheme for your business. This includes enrolling new employees, assessments, and data uploading to ensure your scheme is up to date.

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Fixed payroll fees for London clients

Once you have decided if you require our assistance with setting up or reviewing your payroll scheme, we will always agree costs with you before we get to work. This is to ensure complete transparency so you will not encounter any hidden costs and can budget effectively for the upcoming year. Working with us is transparent and convenient.

Why choose Omer & Company for payroll services in London?


Our team will utilise their extensive experience to ensure a payroll scheme is administered that fits your business perfectly, regardless of the size of your workforce. We will provide you with advice on setting up, offering employee incentives, and ensuring you have a scheme that is as tax efficient as possible.

Personalised service

Regardless of how much payroll assistance you require, whether it be advice, dealing with paperwork or reviewing your current system, the service we provide is completely unique to your business. We take the time to get to know how your company works before providing our assistance.


We will always be in regular contact with you once you begin working with us. We will provide you with reports, advice, and updates on any changes as they are made to your payroll scheme, giving you a clear picture of pay structure and employee salary costs.


For any concerns you may be having with your payroll system, we ensure we are there for you when you need us. Whether you require a face-to-face meeting to discuss changes to your payroll or a quick phone call with our payroll manager, we will be sure to adjust to your requirements.

Switching to
Omer & Company

If your existing accountant or payroll company deals with the setup and structure of your payroll but you are considering restructuring, our straightforward switch over service makes this a simple process. We will take care of the transfer of paperwork so that we can start work on your payroll as soon as possible.

Contact Omer & Company

Call 020 8850 0700 or email to find out more about our payroll services in London and how we can help your business. You can also arrange a free consultation to discuss your requirements, ask any questions, and get started with us.