Wealth management

We work in close partnership with a team of independent financial advisers who, like us, strive to create a great ongoing relationship with their clients.

Their professional approach is geared towards providing value-for-money solutions based on expert knowledge of their products and services. What you will appreciate most is how they communicate the most complex information using plain and simple language that you will effortlessly understand.

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You can benefit from independent and impartial financial advice on any of the following:

  • Pensions
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment advice and management
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Life insurance
  • Critical illness cover
  • Business protection
  • Will writing
  • Mortgages


As a client, you will appreciate how our financial advice partners make a real connection with you, which will give you the trust and confidence to talk openly about your current finances and future financial aspirations.

Their dedicated team is friendly, helpful, and able to provide you with a clear understanding of the options available to you.

With a thorough knowledge of financial planning and an understanding of your requirements they will create a customised package of financial services, specific to your needs.

By keeping a watchful eye on trends and changes in the financial sector they will alert you to opportunities and the need to take action as necessary. They will proactively manage and plan your personal financial cover and investments.


If you would like information on wealth management services, or if you would like a free review and independent financial advice, simply fill out our online form HERE or email us at info@omeraccountants.co.uk.